Data Source Onboarding Guides

Nine data source onboarding guides that are simple enough to use, but also blessed by Splunk’s professional services. These will tell you not only how to ingest data into Splunk, but also how to configure the systems in order to send the right data in the first place!

  1. This app contains 9 Data Source Onboarding Guides. You can find the full list at the top of the page.
  2. You can also choose to look at the categories below, and find a variety of products that Splunk commonly sees for each type of data.
  3. That data onboarding guides are written by Splunk field engineers, working in conjunction with Splunk Professional Services to make them as easy to use as possible while supporting your long term growth.
  4. You will see a variety of Splunk recommendations, usually with download-able apps or conf files.
  5. These guides step beyond just Splunk though, telling you how to configure the products to generate the data required to fire our detections.