Manage Bookmarks - Export

From the Manage Bookmarks dashboard, you will get a list of all the content that you have active in your environment (even custom content!) along with content that you wish to deploy. From this page, you can click the Export button and get an output in XLSX, CSV, or most importantly you can get a print-to-PDF export that can include all of the documentation, line-by-line search documentation, and even a demo screenshot!

  1. The Manage Bookmark dashboard lets you track content in your environment, including content that you’ve just bookmarked, or content that you’ve marked as successfully implemented.
  2. To export a list of this content, click the Export button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. There are multiple export options. Most are very straightforward.
  4. The most detailed export is the Print-to-PDF, where by default we want to include as much detail as we can. You can opt to disable this detail if you don’t need it. (The app will remember what you selected.)
  5. Print-to-PDF works by generating a printable page, and letting you save as PDF via your browser. This works best in Chrome.