Suspicious Plistbuddy Usage Via Osquery


The following analytic identifies the use of a native MacOS utility, PlistBuddy, creating or modifying a properly list (.plist) file. In the instance of Silver Sparrow, the following commands were executed:\ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :Label string initverx" ~/Library/Launchagents/initverx.plist \ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :RunAtLoad bool true" ~/Library/Launchagents/initverx.plist \ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :StartInterval integer 3600" ~/Library/Launchagents/initverx.plist \ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :ProgramArguments array" ~/Library/Launchagents/initverx.plist \ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :ProgramArguments:0 string /bin/sh" ~/Library/Launchagents/initverx.plist \ - PlistBuddy -c "Add :ProgramArguments:1 string -c" ~/Library/Launchagents/init_verx.plist \ Upon triage, capture the property list file being written to disk and review for further indicators. Contain the endpoint and triage further.


Suspicious Plistbuddy Usage Via Osquery Help

OSQuery must be installed and configured to pick up process events (info at as well as using the Splunk OSQuery Add-on Modify the macro and validate fields are correct.


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