Prohibited Software On Endpoint


This search looks for applications on the endpoint that you have marked as prohibited.


Prohibited Software On Endpoint Help

To successfully implement this search, you must be ingesting data that records process activity from your hosts to populate the endpoint data model in the processes node. This is typically populated via endpoint detection-and-response product, such as Carbon Black or endpoint data sources, such as Sysmon. The data used for this search is usually generated via logs that report process tracking in your Windows audit settings. In addition, you must also have only the process_name (not the entire process path) marked as "prohibited" in the Enterprise Security interesting processes table. To include the process names marked as "prohibited", which is included with ES Content Updates, run the included search Add Prohibited Processes to Enterprise Security.


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   Baseline Generation Searches

This detection relies on the following search to generate the baseline lookup.

  • Add Prohibited Processes to Enterprise Security