Get-Foresttrust With Powershell Script Block

Get-Foresttrust With Powershell Script Block


The following analytic utilizes PowerShell Script Block Logging (EventCode=4104) to identify suspicious PowerShell execution. Script Block Logging captures the command sent to PowerShell, the full command to be executed. Upon enabling, logs will output to Windows event logs. Dependent upon volume, enable on critical endpoints or all. \ This analytic identifies Get-ForestTrust from PowerSploit in order to gather domain trust information. \ During triage, review parallel processes using an EDR product or 4688 events. It will be important to understand the timeline of events around this activity. Review the entire logged PowerShell script block.


Get-Foresttrust With Powershell Script Block Help

To successfully implement this analytic, you will need to enable PowerShell Script Block Logging on some or all endpoints. Additional setup here


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