Exchange Powershell Module Usage

Exchange Powershell Module Usage


The following analytic identifies the usage of Exchange PowerShell modules that were recently used for a proof of concept related to ProxyShell. Currently, there is no active data shared or data we could re-produce relate to this part of the ProxyShell chain of exploits. \ Inherently, the usage of the modules is not malicious, but reviewing parallel processes, and user, of the session will assist with determining the intent. \ Module - New-MailboxExportRequest will begin the process of exporting contents of a primary mailbox or archive to a .pst file. \ Module - New-managementroleassignment can assign a management role to a management role group, management role assignment policy, user, or universal security group (USG).


Exchange Powershell Module Usage Help

To successfully implement this analytic, you will need to enable PowerShell Script Block Logging on some or all endpoints. Additional setup here


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