Exchange Powershell Abuse Via Ssrf

Exchange Powershell Abuse Via Ssrf


This analytic identifies suspicious behavior related to ProxyShell against on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers. \ Modification of this analytic is requried to ensure fields are mapped accordingly. \ A suspicious event will have PowerShell, the method POST and autodiscover.json. This is indicative of accessing PowerShell on the back end of Exchange with SSRF. \ An event will look similar to POST /autodiscover/autodiscover.json a=dsxvu@fnsso.flq/powershell/?X-Rps-CAT=VgEAVAdXaW5kb3d... (abbreviated) \ Review the source attempting to perform this activity against your environment. In addition, review PowerShell logs and access recently granted to Exchange roles.


Exchange Powershell Abuse Via Ssrf Help

The following analytic requires on-premise Exchange to be logging to Splunk using the TA - Ensure logs are parsed correctly, or tune the analytic for your environment.


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