Detect Web Traffic To Dynamic Domain Providers


This search looks for web connections to dynamic DNS providers.


Detect Web Traffic To Dynamic Domain Providers Help

This search requires you to be ingesting web-traffic logs. You can obtain these logs from indexing data from a web proxy or by using a network-traffic-analysis tool, such as Bro or Splunk Stream. The web data model must contain the URL being requested, the IP address of the host initiating the request, and the destination IP. This search also leverages a lookup file, dynamic_dns_providers_default.csv, which contains a non-exhaustive list of dynamic DNS providers. Consider periodically updating this local lookup file with new domains.\ This search produces fields (isDynDNS) that are not yet supported by ES Incident Review and therefore cannot be viewed when a notable event is raised. These fields contribute additional context to the notable. To see the additional metadata, add the following fields, if not already present, to Incident Review - Event Attributes (Configure > Incident Management > Incident Review Settings > Add New Entry):\n1. Label: IsDynamicDNS, Field: isDynDNS\ Detailed documentation on how to create a new field within Incident Review may be found here: Deprecated because duplicate.


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