Detect Regsvcs Spawning A Process

Detect Regsvcs Spawning A Process


The following analytic identifies regsvcs.exe spawning a process. This particular technique has been used in the wild to bypass application control products. Regasm.exe and Regsvcs.exe are signed by Microsoft. Spawning of a child process is rare from either process and should be investigated further. During investigation, identify and retrieve the content being loaded. Review parallel processes for additional suspicious behavior. Gather any other file modifications and review accordingly. regsvcs.exe and regasm.exe are natively found in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v\regasm|regsvcs.exe and C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v\regasm|regsvcs.exe.


Detect Regsvcs Spawning A Process Help

To successfully implement this search you need to be ingesting information on process that include the name of the process responsible for the changes from your endpoints into the Endpoint datamodel in the Processes node.


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