Detect Outbound SMB Traffic


This search looks for outbound SMB connections made by hosts within your network to the Internet. SMB traffic is used for Windows file-sharing activity. One of the techniques often used by attackers involves retrieving the credential hash using an SMB request made to a compromised server controlled by the threat actor.


Detect Outbound SMB Traffic Help

In order to run this search effectively, we highly recommend that you leverage the Assets and Identity framework. It is important that you have good understanding of how your network segments are designed, and be able to distinguish internal from external address space. Add a category named internal to the CIDRs that host the companys assets in assets_by_cidr.csv lookup file, which is located in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SA-IdentityManagement/lookups/. More information on updating this lookup can be found here: This search also requires you to be ingesting your network traffic and populating the Network_Traffic data model


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