Common Ransomware Extensions


The search looks for file modifications with extensions commonly used by Ransomware


Common Ransomware Extensions Help

You must be ingesting data that records the filesystem activity from your hosts to populate the Endpoint file-system data model node. If you are using Sysmon, you will need a Splunk Universal Forwarder on each endpoint from which you want to collect data.\ This search produces fields (query,query_length,count) that are not yet supported by ES Incident Review and therefore cannot be viewed when a notable event is raised. These fields contribute additional context to the notable. To see the additional metadata, add the following fields, if not already present, to Incident Review - Event Attributes (Configure > Incident Management > Incident Review Settings > Add New Entry):\n1. Label: Name, Field: Name\ 1. \ 1. Label: File Extension, Field: file_extension\ Detailed documentation on how to create a new field within Incident Review may be found here:


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